Theory of Dispute Resolution under IPR

Introduction Courts and legislatures have devised arbitration to complement and aid legal procedures. By removing procedural barriers, it speeds up case disposition and improves access to justice. Bilateral and multilateral treaties (including arbitration clauses) serve as dispute resolution centres for

Fair Use doctrines under Trademark Law

Introduction The Trademark Act of 1999 was enacted with the goal of updating the legislation to reflect recent changes in trading and commercial activities, fast globalisation, and harmonisation with international trade rules. The Trademark Act of 1999, Section 2 (zb),

Doctrine of Fair Use under Indian Copyright Law

Introduction Copyright protects and rewards creativity by allowing the creator of an original literary or artistic work to do, authorise, or prohibit specific acts in respect to that work. Copyright is one of the branches or aspects of Intellectual Property

Doctrine of Equivalents under Patent Law

Introduction A patent is a type of intellectual property that grants an inventor the right to develop something new, useful, and novel. Patent rights allow owners to prohibit others from profiting from their creation while also allowing them to receive

Doctrine of Dilution under Trademark Law

Introduction Trademark protection is one of the areas of intellectual property that drew a lot of judicial and legislative attention in the second half of the twentieth century. The impact of globalisation and changing business patterns had a significant impact

Minimum Contact Theory in IPR

Introduction Intellectual property can be characterized as the property in ideas or their expression. It is a creation of the mind, for example, a technological innovation, a poem, or a design. It protects the rights of individuals and businesses who

Coca Cola Company v. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd & Others

Plaintiff – Coca Cola Company Defendants – Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd & Others. Decided by – Hon’ble Justice Manmohan Singh Decided on – 20th October, 2009 Introduction The case of Coca Cola Company v. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd & Others[1]

Biopiracy & Patents of Traditional Knowledge in India

This article presents the concept of biopiracy as a threat to traditional knowledge in India. The article also elucidates the protection of traditional knowledge offered by the Patents Act, 1970 and steps undertaken to develop a digital library of traditional

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