intellectual property

Legal Audit Of Intellectual Property

This article focuses on the intangible assets of an enterprise, the ones which are termed as Intellectual Property. This article attempts to look into the importance of intellectual property, the management and protection of the same, why legal audits are necessary and how they are carried about and lastly draws comparatives as to where India stands with respect to international intellectual property conventions.

Intellectual Property – Know how

Asset An asset is a property that an individual (such as a corporation or a business) controls as a result of previous activities (such as acquisition or self-creation) and from which potential economic gains (inflows of cash or other assets; or cost reduction) are anticipated. Wealth = Working Capital + Fixed Asset + Intangible Assets

Intellectual Property Rights: Trade Secrets

The article presents the concept of “trade secrets” as intellectual property rights and their protection in India through common law principles and various statutory provisions. Introduction Chris Hardwick, an American comedian, has stated that; “We’re not in an information age…