State Of Madras v. Srimathi Champakam Dorairajan (1951 AIR 226)

Bench Justice Sudhi Ranjan Das Justice Hiralal Kania Justice Saiyid Fazal Ali Justice M. Patanjali Sastri Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan Justice Vivian Bose Justice B.K. Mukherjea Parties Petitioner- The State of Madras Respondent- Srimathi Champakam Dorairajan and C.R. Srinivasan Introduction

Sunil Batra v Delhi Administration

Introduction Sunil Batra v. Delhi Administration & Others[1] is a landmark case in our legal history that helped to protect the constitutional rights of prisoners. It was unusual in a number of respects, one of which was that the plaintiff

Valsamma Paul v. Cochin University

Introduction Our Constitution is federal. It empowers rights and liberties to all individuals and ensures equal protection of Rights for everyone so that there is no such discrimination.  The narratives of ladies being knocked up for drawing water from wells,

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