Is section 184 applicable to Private Companies ?

Introduction Section 184 of the Companies Act enumerates provisions regarding ‘Disclosure of interest by directors’. The doctrine behind Section 184 is to ensure that the Directors abstain themselves from making a decision in relation to contracts or agreement wherein there

Features of a Company

Lord Justice Lindley has defined a company as “an association of many persons who contribute money or money’s worth to common stock and employ it in some trade or business and who share the profit and loss arising therefrom. The common

Doctrine of Alter Ego

This article examines the doctrine of Alter Ego and its relationship with the doctrine of lifting or piercing of corporate veil. The article also differentiates the doctrine from vicarious liability. Introduction In the world of superheroes, the common people of

Doctrine of Ultra Vires

This article explains the evolution of the doctrine of Ultra Vires, originating in the UK, through statutory provisions and judicial pronouncements in India. Introduction Ultra Vires is a Latin term and translates to ‘beyond the powers’. The term is used

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