Power of Board to Refuse Registration

Introduction Transfer of share means transfer of ownership from one person to another it happens inter vivo i.e.  between two living persons.  The transmission takes effect by operation of law. It happens in case of death, insolvency or permanent incapability

Bayer Corporation vs Union of India: 2014 SCC Online Bom (963)

Introduction: There has been an emergence of Intellectual Property rights as an imperative field due to it guaranteeing an individual’s right to their own creation and invention. Since the advent of the general Indian industry, it has contributed massively to

Daler Mehndi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. vs. Baby Gift House: 2011 (2) RAJ 210

Introduction: The present case is concerned with the different contributing elements and principle of infringement when it comes to disputes falling under Intellectual Property Rights. A notable aspect provided for by this case is the debate between a citizens’ right

Phi Learning vs. Dr. P Meenakshi: 2011 (47) PTC 548 (Del)

INTRODUCTION: This case analysis of Phi learning Ltd vs. Dr. P Meenakshi discusses copyright law under copyright Act 1957 and explains the concept of publishing agreement between the author and the publisher. This analysis will spread light on the issue

Tobu Enterprises vs. Joginder Metal Works: AIR 1985 Delhi 244

INTRODUCTION: This case is about Designs Act 2000. Design can be infringed and competitors can copy other’s design and use it as their own and this is punishable according to Designs Act 2000. Nobody should copy and claim on someone

Lalit Kumar Jain v/s Union of India: Transfer Case (Civil) No. 245/2020

Introduction: In a recent decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Lalit Kumar Jain v. Union of India, the provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) concerning the liability of the personal guarantors to the corporate debtors were upheld.

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