Legal Audit Of Intellectual Property

This article focuses on the intangible assets of an enterprise, the ones which are termed as Intellectual Property. This article attempts to look into the importance of intellectual property, the management and protection of the same, why legal audits are necessary and how they are carried about and lastly draws comparatives as to where India stands with respect to international intellectual property conventions.

Fair Use doctrines under Trademark Law

Introduction The Trademark Act of 1999 was enacted with the goal of updating the legislation to reflect recent changes in trading and commercial activities, fast globalisation, and harmonisation with international trade rules. The Trademark Act of 1999, Section 2 (zb),

Doctrine of Fair Use under Indian Copyright Law

Introduction Copyright protects and rewards creativity by allowing the creator of an original literary or artistic work to do, authorise, or prohibit specific acts in respect to that work. Copyright is one of the branches or aspects of Intellectual Property

Doctrine of Equivalents under Patent Law

Introduction A patent is a type of intellectual property that grants an inventor the right to develop something new, useful, and novel. Patent rights allow owners to prohibit others from profiting from their creation while also allowing them to receive

Doctrine of Dilution under Trademark Law

Introduction Trademark protection is one of the areas of intellectual property that drew a lot of judicial and legislative attention in the second half of the twentieth century. The impact of globalisation and changing business patterns had a significant impact

Minimum Contact Theory in IPR

Introduction Intellectual property can be characterized as the property in ideas or their expression. It is a creation of the mind, for example, a technological innovation, a poem, or a design. It protects the rights of individuals and businesses who

IP Issues in the Sale Of Business M&A

This post focuses on the significant activities and Intellectual Property issues concerning property connected with a privately held company’s typical acquisition

What is Copyright?

“Creating something new with your thoughts requires the efforts and talent, and that credit of creating something different and new must be protected for the time being in favour of the creator to ripe the benefits out of it.” Copyright


There is a famous quote, which says “Precaution is better than cure”, and this quote surely has its relevance in the licensing strategy of patent as well. The strategy to license should be well planned so that in future, no

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