The inter-relation between corporate governance and listing principles plays a pivotal role in shaping the business environment; relying on these objectives to establish the need for corporate governance in listed companies, the author has tried to analyse various corporate governance components implemented in listed companies the benefit of multiple stakeholders.


The article assumes the necessity for an excellent corporate governance code for the effective functioning of the financial market-determined through a set of governance components related to the financial market activities.

What are the limitations of CSR?

CSR has emerged as a response to changing expectations of how corporate enterprises behave in a complex and increasingly globalized world. However, CSR’s incoherent limitations make it inadequate to deal with the severe problems faced today.

How is CSR linked with Business Ethics?

The idea that business enterprises have some responsibilities towards society, besides its profit-making objective, its shareholders have been around for centuries. The article analyzes whether good CSR practices and norms in a company necessarily comply with ethical norms or vice-versa about two major corporate scams

How is corporate governance related to corporate performance?

The evaluation criteria used for corporate governance and performance in the article is financial viability, Effectiveness, Corporate Growth, Efficiency, and Risk Reduction, which are affected by internal corporate governance mechanisms.

How can directors improve corporate sustainability?

The article put forth why the present scenario calls for an updated reform in the corporate model and possible strategies are recommended by the end for the directors to improve on corporate sustainability.

Relevance of Corporate Governance during Pandemic

This article discusses in detail the measures and additional measures that an efficient managerial chief through good corporate governance can take to ease the crisis during pandemic. This article also discusses the relationship Of Corporate Governance and Board of Directors of the Company.

Amendments in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Regulations

This research article studies various amendments that took place time to time, the reason why such amendments has been made to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and the effect of such amendments on the laws incorporated under the Act.

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