Relevance of Corporate Governance during Pandemic

This article discusses in detail the measures and additional measures that an efficient managerial chief through good corporate governance can take to ease the crisis during pandemic. This article also discusses the relationship Of Corporate Governance and Board of Directors of the Company.

Amendments in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Regulations

This research article studies various amendments that took place time to time, the reason why such amendments has been made to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and the effect of such amendments on the laws incorporated under the Act.

Bankruptcy Trustee

This article discusses in detail the meaning, functions, and role of bankruptcy trustee under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). This article also discusses the duties and restrictions on a bankruptcy trustee.

Kinds of Companies

This article discusses the division of the company on the basis of members or the basis of ownership or the control of these companies. It also studies about the concept of converting private companies into the public company.

Functions of the Company’s Directors

This research highlights the duties involved for new directors and also gives information and guidance as to how to avoid being in breach of these duties. It points out the various laws about the liability of directors in case of any fault of his own or in cases if he has any knowledge about the fault.

Memorandum of Association

This article starts with the definition of the memorandum of association and goes on to describe the objective of the Registrar of Companies to make memorandum a compulsion for all the corporations or organisations. This article also describes the alteration clauses of the memorandum.

The Doctrine of Indoor Management

This article discusses how doctrine of indoor management protects outsiders from a wrong. The essentials and exceptions have also been mentioned and described in this article.

Creation of Charge under Companies Act, 2013

The article starts by defining the creation of charge and giving a brief about the money lending and borrowing system. It further analyses the types of charges along with the alteration of charges. The article goes to the extent of pointing the provisions of punishment in case of any fault made during the creation or registration of charge.

Concept of Limited Liability Partnership

This article studies the meaning and features of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. This article also discusses how limited liability partnership is registered and gives insights about the conversion of limited liability partnership into partnership firms as well as vice versa.

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