Lagunas Nitrate Co v. Lagunas Syndicate, (1889) 2 Ch. 392.

This Case establishes the point that acting as the director of any corporation does not make one liable for unforeseen mistakes or mistakes made while acting in the best interest of the firm. If a person undertakes an action believing it to be in the best interests of the firm, after exercising due diligence the action cannot be recorded as misrepresentation or breach of trust.

Analysis of T-series Infringement Claim against ROPOSO

This write-up examines the copyright infringement claim made by t-series against ROPOSO in the light of the right of an intermediary and the concept of Safe Harbour Protection. It also analyses the liability of an intermediary with the help of conflicting decisions.

La Compagnie De Mayville V. Whitley, (1896) 1 Ch 788

This case talks about the question that whether it is necessary to give prior notice with all particulars attached to it for the meeting to be conducted to the directors of the Company or not?

Bates v. Director Of Revenue

The author in this case analyzes the case of bates v. Director of Revenue and its judgment it further discusses whether the appellant comes under the definition of the successor or not in the present case.

Lee v. Lee Air Farming Ltd. (1961) A.C. 12

The case of Lee v Lee Air Farming Ltd. revolves around the principle of Separate Entity regarding the Company Law established in the landmark case of Salomon v. Salomon & Co Ltd also known as the Salomon Principle.

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