Impact of Companies Amendment Bill 2020 on the Corporate Social Responsibility

The article shall discuss the meaning of corporate social responsibility. It shall also discuss in detail the legal provisions governing the same and at the same time, the amendments that have been brought in respect of corporate social responsibility matters. The article aims to highlight the Companies Amendment act, 2019 and Companies Amendment Bill, 2020 along with their impact.

Provisions for Producer Companies under Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2020

The article seeks to discuss in detail the features of a producer company along with method of its incorporation. It will also discuss the benefits that are received by members of a producer company and the composition of board of directors in company along with the procedure of audit. The article will discuss the provisions related to producer companies under Companies Amendment Bill, 2020.

Loans to Directors by a Private Limited Company

The article seeks to answer the question of whether Private Limited Company can lend funds or give loans to its director. This article discusses the objective of enactment of section 185 of Companies Act, 2013 on the companies and reaction of the companies to the legal provision. It also highlights that the amendments that were made to this legal provision in order to give relaxation to the companies.