Transfer Of Securities

The Shares of an individual inside a company are transferable which facilitates the company in acquiring permanent capital and liquidating investments into the shareholders. But there are some constraints under which the securities are transferred. They are transferable by the…

Legal Effect Of Share Certificate

Introduction Shares ‘Shares’ As per Section 2(84) of Companies Act, 2013, means Share in the share capital of a Company and Include stocks. Share or Debentures are movable property transferable in manner provided in the AOA of Company. (Sec. 44)…

Legal Audit Of Intellectual Property

This article focuses on the intangible assets of an enterprise, the ones which are termed as Intellectual Property. This article attempts to look into the importance of intellectual property, the management and protection of the same, why legal audits are necessary and how they are carried about and lastly draws comparatives as to where India stands with respect to international intellectual property conventions.

How Has IBC Positioned The Different Class Of Creditors?

This article deals with the differences that have been brought along with the changes in positions of creditors under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. It gives an in-depth analysis of the process and the discussions that surround this issue while looking into judgements and the after-effects brought in by this change.

Advertisements Rules For Company

Advertisements are the strategy of advancing the deal, for the most part, utilized to advance promoting deliberately. One ought to not get befuddled between notice and publicity; publicity is what the governments utilize to advance their approaches. Advertisement is done by both printed and computerized strategies. TV, radio, daily paper, web all can be utilized for the reason of notice. Concurring to an overview, a normal of 600 US billion dollars are utilized worldwide in notices.

Theory of Passing off under Trademarks Law

Introduction “Nobody has any right to represent his goods as the goods of somebody else.” – Halsbury. This means that no one has the authority to represent their own products as the goods of another. People have the idea that…

Theory of Dispute Resolution under IPR

Introduction Courts and legislatures have devised arbitration to complement and aid legal procedures. By removing procedural barriers, it speeds up case disposition and improves access to justice. Bilateral and multilateral treaties (including arbitration clauses) serve as dispute resolution centres for…