Forech India Ltd. Vs Edelweiss Assets Reconstruction Co. Ltd.

The case with its judgment created great significance in the field of winding-up petition field of law. It created a path for both creditors and debtors to move with their petitions and application hand in hand within the same forum. The judgment also created and allowed a wider interpretation the code.

Dharani Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. Vs. Union of India & Ors.

The judgment provides that the RBI dependence on Section 35AA was for only a specific cause and it will affect the legal compliance if used in any matter rather than a specific clause and without the authorisation provided by the Central Government. RBI should create a new and specific regulatory framework which provide for the implementation intended through the power already conferred in the code.

Winding Up by Tribunal

This article is an in-depth study of the compulsory winding up process of a company initiated by tribunal’s order. This article discusses the grounds, procedures, and effect of the Tribunal’s winding up order.

Whether India Needs a Law to Protect Internet Companies

This article discusses the meaning of E-commerce and the global legislations on the same. This article discusses the challenges of resolving e-commerce disputes and the need of enacting laws on the same.

Basic Key Points of the Companies Act 2013

This article discusses the scope and objective of the Companies Act, 2013. This article discusses the statutory definitions and new concepts introduced by the Companies Act, 2013.

How does the SEBI Order affects WhatsApp Leak

This article while analysing the order of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), discusses the role and function of SEBI and also meaning of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information. It also analysis the order in light of landmark case laws.

Bankruptcy Order for Individual and Partnership Firms

This article discusses the meaning of bankruptcy and the process of filling an application for bankruptcy order. This article then discusses the effect of filling an application and how a bankruptcy order can be passed.

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