Sunair Hotels Limited v. Union of India and anr.

Facts Sunair is a public limited company[1] established in 1977 and incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956. Sunair is in the business of building and operating hotels, among other things; it is not listed on any national stock exchange

Sajida Book Shop vs Kaumudi Exporters (P) Ltd.

Facts Of the Case The applicant[1] in 1989 filed a company petition alleging that “the respondent-company, Kaumudi Exporters (Private) Limited failed and neglected to pay Rs. 5,54,910 debt to him with 12% interest from 09.07.1986”.  The applicant alleged in the

Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd. v. SEBI

Introduction Previously[1] Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Limited (“SIRECL”) and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Limited (“SHICL”) floated a problem of OFCDs and commenced accumulating subscriptions from buyers with impact from twenty-fifth April 2008 as much as thirteenth April 2011. During

Ramsgate Victoria Hotel Company Ltd. V. Montefiore

The emphasis of the case is on the concept of a fair amount of time. It emphasises that no approval should be deemed binding after a fair time has elapsed without the recognition being conveyed. It also states that even

Re, MacKinnon Mackenzee & Co.

Background By passing a special resolution in line with Section 189 of the Companies Act[1], 1956, the company called “MacKinnon Mackenzie” made a modification in the company’s memorandum of agreement for the purpose of moving the company’s head office from

Miheer H. Mafatlal Vs. Mafatlal Industries Ltd.

Background This case[1] was brought before the Gujarat High Court Division Bench on special leave.  The Division Bench had previously rejected the appellant’s appeal and upheld the order of the Single Judge in the company petition, sanctioning a Scheme of

Marshall Sons and Co (India) v. ITO 

Facts Marshall Sons and Co. (Mfg) Ltd.[1], Ambattur, a subsidiary company of Marshall Sons and Co. (India) Ltd. registered under the Companies Act, was engaged in the manufacture and sale of cranes and other road-making machinery. The company was an

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