Difference Between a Limited Company and a Private Limited Company

The present article deals with the concept of a company as per Indian Law. It further deals with the two different types of company, that is, private company and public company. The article further tries to distinguish between a limited company and a private limited company.

Wakf Board Land Scam

Corruption is making India hollow by eating it from inside. The impact of corruption can be seen in almost all the sectors of the country. In Karnataka, the land which was donated for charity and religious purpose to Wakf was used for illegal purpose. The land scam took place in Karnataka in 2012 and a lot of people in power were involved in it. This land scam took place over a long period came into light only in 2012 after the reports made the media. The report which was tabled before the legislative assembly has to be considered in detail to come to a conclusion and take action.

Types of Companies under the Indian Company Law

The present article deals with the concept of company as per Indian Law. The article also deals with the characteristics of a company. It further deals with different types of company.

Insolvency Laws and its Applicability in India

This article deals with the law which exists in India for the matters relating to insolvency. It deals with the concept of Insolvency and with the mechanism provided in the law for resolution.

Indian Coal Allocation Scam

Introduction The present article deals with the Indian coal allocation scam which took place in India. India is a land blessed with abundant natural resources and has been a point of attraction for various countries due to its resources. In

Member of the Company under the Companies Act

This article first deals with the company at large and the people involved in a company. Further, it talks about the members of the company and the manner through which a person can become a member of the company. It also deals with the role of directors in a company and the qualifications to become a director in a company in India. Lastly, this article helps in explaining the difference between director and member of a company by analyzing their roles, powers and duties.

Can a person be a director of two companies?

The present article deals with directors of companies in India. It also analyses the manner in which a person is appointed as a director in a company, the duties and powers of directors, etc. It further deals with the question that whether a person can be a director of two companies at a same time. The author concludes that a person can be a Director of two companies during the same time period.

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