Protection And Registration of Trademark In India

Introduction The trademarks in India were protected through common law principle and the principle of equity. Gradually with the growth and development in business, service and commerce there was a need for protection and registration of trademarks for the smooth

Evolution of the Patent System

Invention expands with the range of development and the needs of society. Newer forms of intellectual property rights are emerging with the advancement of science and technology for instance, computer software program, biotechnology etc.

Patent Infringement

Introduction The patent rights are the exclusive rights of the inventor over the invention that he made using his intellect. When there is a violation of such rights it is termed as patent infringement. In other words, if any person

Preparation of Patent Documents

Introduction Property is defined as the highest right a man can have to anything and includes rights such as trademarks, copyright, patent etc.[1] In 1883, in the Paris Convention, the Industrial Property Protection was created and later in 1886 in

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