Force Majeure during Covid-19

The author in this article discusses the concept of force majeure during covid-19 and the impact of the same in commercial contracts. The exact impact of COVID-19 pandemic on parties’ liabilities under commercial contracts is unforeseen. The highly diverse nature of resources and services are required to perform contractual obligations, there is danger that many parties may be unwillingly or unable to continue with their obligations.

Patent Databases and Information Systems

The author in this article discusses the Patent databases and Information systems that helps to maintain a comprehensive collection of Patent-related information, including the technical information of various Patent users in several fields such as government, organisations, industries, or business.

Creation or Modification of Charges – Companies Act 2013

The author in this article discusses the creation or modification of charges under the Companies act, 2013 and the related provisons. Also discusses the new scheme under which, any charges created between the dates of March 1stto September 30th, 2020, including the people who have filed or yet to be done within this period, the seven months provision would not be counted.


The author in this articles discusses the concept of Trademarks in detail and the provisions of Trademark act. Under the Trademark Act of India, the term “mark” is defines to include a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, shape of goods, packaging, a combination of colors, logo etc.

Patents – An Overview

The author in this articles discusses the concept of Patents in detail along with the various related provisions to the same. The Patent work is original, novel and inventive and that should be genuine and helpful for the public domain at large and one can obtain a Patent by applying internationally that helps not only many business and people but also binds healthy competition.


The author in this article discusses the concept of Copyright in detail, along with the various amendments to the Copyright law. Indian Copyright Law has undergone several amendments in order to align with the international TRIPS agreement. Every amendment has been made in view to provide better protection of rights to work and its owners