Re Kaytech International

The case analysis incorporates the Irish Companies Act, 1990, as it specifically mentions about de-jure and shadow directors and restrictions upon them, when a company goes insolvent. The analysis part also incorporates criticisms to the case at hand and how concepts of de-facto and shadow director have developed.

Cosmosteels Pvt. Ltd. v. Jairam Das Gupta

The court in this case talks about oppression of shareholders, self-sale of company's share and requirement of notice. The case has differentiated between the two sects of provision i.e. Section 100-104 and Section-402, so as to prevent the majority from again, intervening an appeal brought against the same majority.

Twycross v. Grant

The case dealt with Fraudulent Prospectus, Concealment of Contract and Responsibility of the Company to refund the price paid for the shares. The plaintiff sought to recover the amount paid by him for the shares in the company, namely the Lisbon Steam Tramways Company.

M.O.Vergese v. Thomas Stephen and Co. Ltd.

The case is related to the contravention of Section-299, petition filed under Section-633, cessation of directorship under Section-283(1) (i) and liabilities that arose from the contravention, under the Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter, "the Act"). The case was between a director and a company which was accompanied by the Registrar of Companies.