Pramatha Nath Sanyal v. Kali Kumar Dutt, A.I.R. 1925 Cal. 714

A prospectus is any document which traces a company’s monetary protections available to be purchased to intrigued financial backers. A prospectus can be given by or for the benefit of the public company. It can issue either concerning its development

Power of Board to Refuse Registration

Introduction Transfer of share means transfer of ownership from one person to another it happens inter vivo i.e.  between two living persons.  The transmission takes effect by operation of law. It happens in case of death, insolvency or permanent incapability

Buy-Back of Shares by a Company

Introduction Buy-back is an excellent financial tool.Buy-back of shares relates to the company buying back its previously issued shares from the market. It is nothing but a process by which a company buys-back its shares from the existing shareholder, usually

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