V.K.R.S.T. Firm vs Oriental Investment Trust Ltd

Introduction This case is in relation to the borrowing power of a firm and makes it clear that the borrowing is within the powers of a company and the lender will not be prejudiced simple because the officers or the

Trade Secrets and its Protection

Introduction Trade secrets are the data or information about a company that is not widely known to the public and that the owner makes a reasonable effort to keep hidden and confidential. The data must have a separate economic value,

Suraj Bahu and Ors. vs Jaitley and Co. and Ors.

Introduction This case is to determine if an agent of a company has taken a loan not in the name of the company but the company has benefitted from the loan amount, whether or not it will be held liable

Re Madras Native Permanent vs Unknown

Introduction This case helps us in understanding that the objectives of a company must be described in the company’s memorandum because a company may only perform acts and execute transactions that are well within the company’s objects, and it is

M/S Helios And Matheson vs The State Rep. By The Deputy

Introduction This case is in regard with the Chennai-based Helios and Matheson, an unfancied software company, has been defaulting on repayment to its investors. According to a status report submitted in the Court, H&M has collected Rs 55.25 crore from

K.M. Mohamad Abdul Kadir Rowther vs S. Muthiah Chettiar

Introduction The case is in regard to whether or not every advanced amount can be considered as a loan, and whether or not in absence of an express provision in a contract in regard to paying back the advance amount

Doctrine of Ultra Vires

Introduction The Memorandum of Association of a company is regarded as its constitution. It defines the company’s internal and external scope and areas of activity. This Memorandum of Association also includes an object clause and the company is authorized to

Distinctive Character of Trademarks

Introduction A mark cannot be called as valid trademark if it lacks distinctiveness which is a core feature of Trademark Law. There are several theories on the assessment of distinctive character of trademarks. All these theories state that distinctive character

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