The Punjab National Bank (PNB) Scam

It gives an overview about the background of Nirav Modi and the facts about the scam he committed. It talks about the impact caused by the scam including the changes brought in the legislation and the legal actions which took place against him. Further, it covers the aftermath of the scam and the current legal position of India.

How many members are required to form limited companies?

It covers the classification of companies based on incorporation (Chartered Company, Statutory Company and Registered Company), control (Government Company, Holding Company, Subsidiary Company and Associate Company) and motive (Non-profit Company, Service Company and Producer Company). Lastly, it covers the meaning, features and formation of Private Company, Public Company and One Person Company on the basis of the number of employees.

The Commonwealth Scam

It gives an overview of the background of Commonwealth games and Suresh Kalmadi. It covers the facts of the scam, how it was exposed and the allegations which were imposed after the scam. Further, it talks about the legal actions which were taken place and the impact of the scam including the changes brought in legislation. Lastly, it covers the aftermath of the scam.

Harshad Mehta Scam

This article is aimed towards discussing the ‘Harshad Mehta Scam.’ The article talks about the kind of a scam which was primarily based on the loopholes of the Indian banking system. The article majorly covers the stages of the scam, the type of instruments used in this scam, the working of those instruments, the various offence committed, the amendments which took place in the legislation, and the current legal position of India.

2G Spectrum Scam

The article discusses the most significant financial scam i.e. 2G Spectrum scam in detail. It highlights the fact that money can make people do anything. The greed for money is eventually a loss of money. Bribery is a serious offense which exists everywhere, despite having a variety of laws. In a country like India, which is the world’s largest democracy, private companies play a crucial role in the offense of bribery. They are only concerned about making their profit. This is why India follows socialism partially and partially capitalism.

Kingfisher Scam: Fall of the king of good times

It aims towards discussing the cause for his doomed airline business, and how he managed to get a loan of such a vast amount from the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Banks in a country like India, where it involves a lot of documentation, formalities, and securities before getting the loan. The article further deals with the impacts caused, the changes brought in the legislation, and the aftermath of the scam.