What Does Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement Mean

This article discusses the relevant provisions under the Companies Act to strike a fine balance between the Rights of Majority to rule and the protection of interests of the minority shareholders through the prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement. The article also discusses the landmark case laws on the same.

Guidelines Issued by RBI for Induction of Claw Back Clauses

This article studies the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to include the provision of claw back clauses for all private sector and foreign banks. This write-up lastly also discusses the challenges faced due to absence of expressed law or provision.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy (Amendment) Ordinance 2020

This article studies the scope and applicability of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy (Amendment) Ordinance 2020. This article also discusses the objectives and limitations of the newly inserted provisions.

Directors under Company Law in India

This article studies the statutory provisions regarding the meaning, power, appointment, disqualification of Directors of a Company.

Issue of Shares in a Private Company

This article discusses the features of a private company as laid down under the Companies Act. This article also discusses the statutory rules and provisions of issuing shares by a private company.

Broad Objectives of Companies Amendment Bill, 2020

This article discusses in detail the key amendments made by the Companies Amendment Bill, 2020 to facilitate ease of living for corporates in India. This paper also critically analyses the decriminalization of offences under the Company Act.

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