United Bank of India v. Official Liquidator.

The author in this article discusses the role of an Official Liquidator and the fact that Judgments on liquidation and the role of the liquidator are instrumental in company law

Standard Chartered Bank & Anr. v. Custodian &Anr

The article discusses that placing a check on banking and financial institutions is the need of the hour. This case dealt with various issues, highlighting the conduct of bank employees and the greed for profit

Resignation of a Director: The Grey Area in Company Law

The article discusse that the passing of the Companies Act, 2013 has ended numerous controversies regarding resignation as it incorporated the principles laid in the case of Saumil Dilip Mitra v. State of Maharshtra and Ors. and many others that followed.

Director’s fiduciary duty of good faith

The law pertaining to a director’s duties and interests seem to be plagued with ambiguity. Often, the interests of the company, its directors and members are not aligned and this leads to conflicts

IPR in the Time of COVID-19: An International Perspective

The article talks about the fact that the Governments have addressed the use of intellectual property rights for countering the corona virus with respect to necessary response products. The most feasible solution is suspending patent rights and ensuring compulsory licensing.

IPR in the Time of Corona: An International Perspective

The article throws light on the intellectual property rights in the time of COVID out break and its international aspect. It further discusses the provisions of TRIPS Agreement and Doha Declaration. It also discusses that most countries have the legal framework to enforce compulsory licensing while other countries are finding difficulty to create a balance between protecting the rights of IP holders and effective COVID-19 counter measures.

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