Waman Rao v. Union of India, 1981 2 SCR 1

Introduction The Constitution did not arise certainly. It has advanced time by time while acclimating the social-lawful changes. It is a never-finishing development system, and that’s why many judges have called it an existing article. The fluctuations are needed to…

Vishaka v. State of Rajasthan 

Introduction  The uninvited sexual conduct or mannerisms are offensive or humiliating; this conduct is called sexual harassment. It can be written, verbal or physical, and can happen to any individual physically or via any other mode. Both men and women…

 Vikas Agarwal v. SFIO

Introduction Trade license is the method to legalize a particular occupation from a specific area. It is managed to safeguard that the citizen is not enviably affected by strength, danger & nuisance by the unsuitable booming of a transaction. The…

Valsamma Paul v. Cochin University

Introduction Our Constitution is federal. It empowers rights and liberties to all individuals and ensures equal protection of Rights for everyone so that there is no such discrimination.  The narratives of ladies being knocked up for drawing water from wells,…

Tovarishestvo Manufacture Liudvig Rabenek

Introduction The Limited Liability Partnership is a corporate marketing channel that implements the advantages of local accountability of a business or a corporation to its divisions. It acknowledges operating its internal administration based on the jointly consented understanding as in…

Vellore Citizens Welfare Forums v. Union of India

Environmental degradation is one of the ideal problems for people living in this century. Environmental degradation is a weakening of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat the destruction; extinction of wildlife; and pollution. Though the environment can be tarnished naturally, human causes result in a fast-path degradation. This forces us to announce a new ecological era, since the usage of natural properties like air, water and soil reaches the level where the environment stances irreparably negotiated, its deterioration appears and describes the permanent breakdown of the earth.

Commissioner Of Income Tax v. Thirumalaiswamy Naidu & Sons.

In business, there are circumstances where a person might have acquired a liability, but later on, he need not have to spend it for one or other purpose. The Income Tax Act brings to tax such possibilities which are no more obligatory. The region brings into its ambit interest in cash or in-kind received by an individual by reduction or cessation of liability. The only demand is that the individual must have a deduction or allowance in his computation of income for the said liability in any previous years.

Bhim Singh V. State Of Jammu And Kashmir

Detention is the act of keeping hold of an individual or property of any individual. Illegal detention is unpardonable imprisonment or the unlawful deprivation of freedom of an individual by apprehending an unjust reason or impression and the restriction of personal liberty by retaining such an individual in custody.

S.R. Bommai v. Union of India

Article 356[1] of the Constitution is one of the indispensable necessities of law affecting the vast mainstream of the confusing issues classifying the empire of Center-State relationships. According to the Central Government, through Presidential declaration, can take authority of any…

Kinds of Companies

This article discusses the division of the company on the basis of members or the basis of ownership or the control of these companies. It also studies about the concept of converting private companies into the public company.

Functions of the Company’s Directors

This research highlights the duties involved for new directors and also gives information and guidance as to how to avoid being in breach of these duties. It points out the various laws about the liability of directors in case of any fault of his own or in cases if he has any knowledge about the fault.