How many people can be on the Board of Directors?

This article aims to examine how many people can be on a Board of Directors, i.e. the number of board of directors on a corporate board, with a focus on the standard size limit of the board for efficient implementation of corporate governance mechanisms in a company.

How is CSR linked with Business Ethics?

The idea that business enterprises have some responsibilities towards society, besides its profit-making objective, its shareholders have been around for centuries. The article analyzes whether good CSR practices and norms in a company necessarily comply with ethical norms or vice-versa about two major corporate scams

How does news about companies influence their stock prices?

A company's stock prices tend to observe short-term movement with impactful news, hype, and events occurring in the company. Any reported information related to the release of new products or services by a company, the speculated increase in the value of their shares and profits, and positive news and financial reports are one such driven factor behind stock price influence.

How can a corporation and state be separated?

In the corporate governance literature, there is a widespread conception that state political interference in an enterprise decision making is detrimental to corporate performance. There is theoretical evidence from various studies that shows that political interference in company decision-making process negatively impacts their corporate performance in multiple ways.