The Doctrine of Constructive Notice and Doctrine of Indoor Management

The doctrine of constructive liability is an important principle as it serves its purpose in easing business regulations. It provides security to the companies while they are dealing with the outsiders. However, this provision was seen to be doing more wrong than good, thereby, its credibility was getting reduced. For that, the doctrine of indoor management was evolved by the courts to restrict the application of this provision when the rule in dispute is internal.

One Person Company under the Company Law

The article begins by defining One Person Company. The author states that OPC is similar to a sole proprietorship and both have similar advantages, but, to the disadvantage of sole proprietorship, it entails unlimited liability whereas in an OPC the liability is limited. The article delves into benefits, features and impact in India of OPCs.

American International Group Scam: Attempt by the USA government to protect its darling

The most prominent scam in the recent history of American economy was the AIG Accounting Scandal of 2005. The AIG was found guilty of entering into sham transactions in order to inflate the reserves and to conceal losses. It was also found guilty of misled the Insurance Department about offshore affiliates of AIG. The company was in such a position that its failure would have meant a huge defeat for the entire economy of America. Therefore, it became imperative for the government to protect this company from failing. As per the records of U.S. government, AIG was too huge a company to fail. It was given a federal loan of $85 billion to revive back as well.

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