Development of Arbitration Regime in India.

Overview Arbitration is essentially a question settlement system through which the prosecutors to the disputes get their issues settled through a third individual called the arbitrator without passing by the conventional method of courtroom. This encompasses within itself a speedy

B.L Wadhera V. Union of India   AIR 1996 SC 2969

Introduction The sovereign intensity of India is the Constitution of India, which set out the standards under and compliant with which the Government could work its different multidimensional functions. That constitution of India itself moreover gives fundamental central rights to

Ayub Khan V. Comissioner of Police.   MANU/SC/0048/1965

Introduction Citizenship is the status with an individual perceived under law similar to a lawful individual from a sovereign state or having a place with a country. In India, Articles 5 – 11 of the Constitution manages the idea of

Areva T and D India Ltd In Re (2008) 81 SCL 140 (Cal)

Introduction: In the present case, the scheme of amalgamation with reference to the issues related to authorised capital is dealt with. Facts of the Case: Two issues of some importance arise in this the proposed transferee company’s petition for sanction


INTRODUCTION The promoter is significant for the starting of new organization as the promoter handles therelationship with the other co-advertisers, board individuals and investors whom the companymight recruit. The promoter is additionally capable to deal with any exchanges and other

Altherton v. British Insulated & Helsby Cables ltd.

Introduction In the present article, a dispute between classification of an expenditure into capital or revenue for the purpose of deduction under the pension fund has arisen which is elaborated below. A revenue expenditure is a cost that is immediately

Acid Attacks in India and Efficacy of Victim Compensation Scheme

Overview Acid attacks have become more common in recent years all over the world. In addition to serious facial and body injuries, such abuse causes psychological and social issues that have a negative impact on the survivors’ quality of life.

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