OVERVIWEW Crime is a subject of intense feelings and clashing belief systems. Notwithstanding, it has been commonly clarified as an impression of individual decision and equilibrating behavioural influences. Two significant topics of discussion in this article is that what are

Special Courts Bill, 1978 (In re)

Introduction The present case deals with the constitutionality validity of the Special courts Bill, 1978 which was referred to the Supreme Court under Article 143 of the Indian Constitution. Facts of the Case On August 1, 1978 the President of

Smith v. Van Gorkom 488 A 2d 858 (Del. 1985)

Introduction Under the business judgment rule, a business judgment is presumed to be an informed judgment, but the judgment will not be shielded under the rule if the decision was unadvised. Facts of the Case Basically, this case is an

Sidhartha vashisht @ manu sharma v. State

Introduction The present article deals with the criminal case and the power off t he Appellate court under section 391 of the Criminal procedure Code, 1973. Facts of the Case These statutory appeals are filed under Section 2(a) of the Supreme Court

Shrikanta Dutta Narasimharaja Wodiyar v. Enforcement Officer Mysore.

Introduction Modernization and urbanization have brought about extremist financial changes and lead to new contentions and pressures resulting upon the disintegration old enough old family and intimate security. The progress from rural economy to a modern economy got uncommon went

M/s. Sand Land Real Estate P Ltd. Case

Introduction The core pillar of good corporate governance is in the hand of the Directors of the company. Directors are the primary players in maintaining the transparency of the affairs of the company. Apart from that the lower-level management is

Mayfair properties Ltd Re (1898) 2 CH 28

Introduction This present case deals with the winding up procedures and the rights of the debenture holder in the winding up process. Facts of the Case The company is a limited company having, under its articles, power to issue debentures

M.S Mewar v. Lake palace Hotels (1997) 4 CLJ 440

Introduction An enterprise is a different legitimate entity from its individuals, with the executives and proprietorship isolated by a slender line of obligations and commitments offered to them. From an overall perspective, it is a local area of individuals who

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