Piercing the Corporate Veil

This article discusses in detail about the separate legal entity of a company, provisions relating to piercing or lifting of the corporate veil and some case laws which will help to better understand the concept.

Rights of Minority Shareholders

This article discusses the meaning of the term minority shareholders and their rights as laid down under the Companies Act. This article also highlights the need to protect these rights.

E-Governance in India

This article discusses how E-Governance acts as a bridge to connect the citizens and the government using Information Technology. This article also discusses the concept of e-governance and initiatives taken by the government to provide service-oriented and transparent governance to the citizens.

The Duties of the Promoter

This article discusses the duties of a Promoter, who plays a vital role in the formation of a company. This article also discusses the duties and liabilities of a promoter under the Company Law in India.

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