Articles of Association of a Company

This article majorly delves into the discussion of the meaning of Articles of Association. It also emphasizes the importance of AoA and the points to be taken into account while drafting the document. It also begins with discussing the other documents like Memorandum of Association and the basic difference between both of them. It also delves into the amendments in the document and the procedure to be followed for the same.

Rights of Shareholders in Private Limited Company

This article gives the reader all the knowledge about the legal aspect of shareholders in a private limited company. It talks about the right of minority shareholders along with the duties of shareholders in a private limited company. Then it briefly discusses the shareholder’s agreement which is required to understand and determine the relationship between a company and its shareholders.

Worldcom Scam: The fall of the biggest US Telecommunication company

This article focuses on the biggest stock scam that has taken place in the corporate world i.e. the WorldCom scam. The author majorly talked about the fraud and specific acts done by people to perpetrate the fraud and aims to highlight need of stringent laws and guidelines to prevent such scams in future.

The infamous Tyco Scam of 2002

This article discusses the major scandal that took place in the company Tyco, conducted recklessly by the top officials of the company and lasted in leaving the company in a devastated and drowning position. The article initially describes the incorporation of the company and about the structure of the company. The article further focusses on the issues dealt during the transacting of the business and the ethical issues faced by the company. It continues to elaborate on the issues relating to the modus operandi in pursuance of which the fraud in the company has been undertaken. The article is concluded with the steps that could have been taken to avoid the whole scandal and the steps to prevent such happening in future.

Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company in India

As the title suggests this article is majorly focused on the procedure of conversion of a private limited company to a public limited company. The article begins with the meaning and a general view of the company and its categories. The article initially delves into the description of a private limited company and then it iterates the details of a private limited company. It also talks about the basic differences between the categories of companies

Statutory Company under the Companies Act, 2013

This article focuses on the working and functioning of a Statutory company. The Article also distinguishes between a Government company and a statutory company, which prima facie may look similar. The article goes on to elaborate features, merits and demerits of such companies.

Incorporation of a Company in India: Compliances & Regulation

This article focuses on the importance of incorporation of a company. The article aims to ponder upon all the important aspects of the incorporation of a company and the effects of it. It also talks about the certificate of incorporation and the importance of it. It also enlists the number of documents required by the company to file with the Registrar of Companies (hereinafter referred as ‘ROC’) for incorporation.

Satyam Scam: India’s Biggest Accounting Fraud

Corporate frauds are illegal and generally are the ones which are tainted by the breach of trust of persons holding fiduciary relationship with the company. Satyam Scam is one such corporate fraud. This article very clearly expains the whole scam viz. the reason of the scam, how the scam happened. The author utlimately concludes the article by providing the steps taken by various authorities to prevent such scams from happening in the future.

Bankruptcy of IL&FS

This article focuses on IL&FS, the details about the bankruptcy that has is declared by IL&FS, the impact on the IL&FS, and its shareholders and on the economy at large, the future of IL&FS and the future recourse that is predicted to be taken by the government with the intention to sustain IL&FS in the existing situations. The article also addresses the issue of fraudulent acts undertaken by the top executives of IL&FS.

Freddie Mac: The Accounting Scandal

This article focuses on the Freddie Mac scam that took place in the year 2003. The article articulates the general description about Freddie Mac and further goes on to discuss the nuances of the fraud that took place in the company and shook its investors overnight.

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