Limited Liability Company and who runs it?

The author in this article discusses who runs a Limited Liability Company and the various provisions that relates to the same. It also discusses that LLCs are not formed in India owing to the existence of LLP. LLP functions in a similar fashion and consequently eradicates the needs for LLC. LLC is run like any traditional company, through its directors and shareholders.

Introduction to Company Law

The author in this article discusses Company law in detail along with the provisions of Companies act 2013. It further discusses that there have been various amendments in the company law allowing for more liberal and stricter guidelines ranging from incorporation and auditing respectively.

Importance of Corporate Law: Everything You Need To Know

The author in this article discusses the importance of corporate law and the various concepts relating to corporate law. It further discusses the fact that the law of corporate has a function that goes beyond just ensuring that contracts between two parties are performed. The law gives such companies legal recognition and makes them a legal entity.

Do limited companies come under RTI Act?

The author in this article discusses whether limited companies come within the purview of RTI Act. It further discusses that it allows Indian citizens to request information that can be brought to a public domain, allowing for more transparency in various fields. The information is sought from central or state offices of the government.

Discuss the Evidentiary Value of Forensic Diligence in a White-Collar Crime Investigation

The author in this article discusses the evidentiary value of Forensic diligence in a White-Collar Crime Investigation. It further discusses that the allegations that an accused in a white-collar crime may be charged with vary from offences under the Indian Penal Code (such as fraud, cheating, forgery, etc.) to offences under offences under special statutes (such as money laundering, insider trading, corruption, etc.).”