Registrar of Companies v. Uktal Distributors Pvt. Ltd

This piece would attempt to carefully peruse the facts of the case, the contentions and submissions raised during the trial as well as the appropriateness of judgment given in respect of statute. It would also contain factual opinions and legal recourse to the duty of registrars of companies and how it relates to the case in question.

Ramaswami Iyer v Brahmayya and Co

This article seeks to examine the facts of the case and analyze the judgment made from the facts with references to applicable laws. It also seeks to analyze the powers of the managing director, carefully drawing a distinction between a managing director and the managing committee of a company, whilst also examining the validity of a release deed and how it relates to the facts.

R.R Kothandaraman v Commissioner of Income Tax

This piece just like prior case comments would attempt to give a critical analysis of the fact of the case, matters which arose and the judgment. This article also seeks to draw a distinction between a contract for service and a contract of service as well as whether the director could qualify as an employee, undergoing the same method of remuneration and appointment.

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