Protection And Registration of Trademark In India

Introduction The trademarks in India were protected through common law principle and the principle of equity. Gradually with the growth and development in business, service and commerce there was a need for protection and registration of trademarks for the smooth

Section 33: Issue of Application Forms for Securities

This article focuses on the issuance of securities by company under section 33 of the companies act, 2013 along with certain requirements which are to be fulfilled under the SEBI Regulations 2019.

Role of the Board of Directors in a Company

This article covers all the nuances related to director under the Companies Act, 2013 ranging from duties, powers, functions, roles, appointment and removal. The rights of shareholders vis-a-vis rights of director are also elaborately discussed by the author. By finally concluding the article with the role of managing director, the author believes that the current corporate law is viable and therefore no alteration in the law is requisite.

Section 195: Prohibition on Insider Trading of Securities

This article focuses on section 195 of the companies act, 2013 which enumerates the provision of insider trading which was considered to be an important part of 2013 act but has been omitted by way of 2017 amendment and is not a part of SEBI Regulation 2015.

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