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Analysis of T-series Infringement Claim against ROPOSO

This write-up examines the copyright infringement claim made by t-series against ROPOSO in the light of the right of an intermediary and the concept of Safe Harbour Protection. It also analyses the liability of an intermediary with the help of conflicting decisions.

Re Hydrodan (Corby) Ltd, (1994) BCC 161.

The concept of shadow director was discussed in detail in this case. A shadow director was differentiated from a de facto director and other kinds of directors in this case. The judges stated the rules to identify a shadow director or a de jure director.

Special Courts Bill, 1978 (In re)

Introduction The present case deals with the constitutionality validity of the Special courts Bill, 1978 which was referred to the Supreme Court under Article 143 of the Indian Constitution. Facts of the Case On August 1, 1978 the President of

Kapil N. Mehta, Surat Vs Shree Laxmi Motors Limited

Specialists who draft these shareholders’ agreement (SHAs) should consider the enforceability of these speculator rights when relocating from other undeniably more all around created PE markets which, subsequently, might be an outright rebel under Indian law.

Registrar of Companies v. Uktal Distributors Pvt. Ltd

This piece would attempt to carefully peruse the facts of the case, the contentions and submissions raised during the trial as well as the appropriateness of judgment given in respect of statute. It would also contain factual opinions and legal recourse to the duty of registrars of companies and how it relates to the case in question.


Petitioner: Lalithamba Bai Respondent: Harrisons Malyalam Citation: (1988) 63 Comp Cas 662 Decided in: Kerala High Court Before: Varghese Kalliath, J. INTRODUCTION The Companies Act isolates the definition of the term “members” into three classes. As indicated by Sec. 41

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