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Starbucks Corporation v. Sardarbuksh Coffee & Co. & Ors

Court – High Court of Delhi Case No. – CS (COMM) 1007/2018 Order dated- 27th September 2018 Introduction Intellectual property rights are the product of human beings’ creative activity, which enables them to exercise their rights as owners of property

State Of West Bengal v. Anwar Ali (AIR 1952 SC 75)

Bench Justice Patanjali Shastri Justice Saiyid Fazal Ali Justice M.C. Mahajan Justice B.K. Mukherjee Justice S.R. Das Justice N. Chandrashekhar Aiyer Justice Vivian Bose Parties Petitioner- The State of West Bengal Respondent- Anwar Ali Sarkar Habib Mohamed Introduction “Law is

Advertisements Rules For Company

Advertisements are the strategy of advancing the deal, for the most part, utilized to advance promoting deliberately. One ought to not get befuddled between notice and publicity; publicity is what the governments utilize to advance their approaches. Advertisement is done by both printed and computerized strategies. TV, radio, daily paper, web all can be utilized for the reason of notice. Concurring to an overview, a normal of 600 US billion dollars are utilized worldwide in notices.

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Henry v Great Northern Rly Co (1857) 1 De G & J 606

Preference Shares The foremost eminent inclination offers is that they will regularly have a privilege to a settled rate of profit, ordinarily communicated as a rate of the ostensible esteem of the offers themselves. This settled rate profit will be


This appeal[1] arises out of an application filed by the first respondent under Section 162, clause (v)[2] and (vi)[3], Companies Act, 1913[4], for an order that the Rajahmundry Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. be wound up. FACTS OF THE CASE The

Murli S. Deora v. Union of India & Ors. 

Case no. Writ Petition(Civil) 316 of 199 Introduction According to Bhagwati, J., Article 21 “embodies a constitutional value of supreme importance in a democratic society.” Iyer, J., has characterized Article 21 as “the procedural Magna Carta protective of life and liberty. This

Foster Bryant Surveying Ltd v. Bryant (2007) RWCA Civ 200

Introduction Directors’ fiduciary responsibilities were first established by common law judges who were not guided by any specific written law. Indeed, the central fiduciary obligations of care and allegiance are not mentioned at all in the company laws of the

Bhankerpur Simbhaoli Beverages (P) Ltd. v. Sarabhjit (1996) 86 CompCas 842 (P & H)

The case discusses the provisions in regard to the extra ordinary general meeting of the company and the provisions for the appointment and removal of the directors. The intimation about the extra ordinary general meeting should be given by issuing prior notice of about 21 days. If any decisions need to be taken in the context of Board of Directors, then all the directors should be present in that meeting.

Indowind Energy Limited v. Wescare (India) Ltd. & Ors

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in this case differentiated between a ‘party’ to an arbitration agreement and a nominee of a party. It rejected the contention that an arbitration clause may bound a non-signatory by virtue of its ‘conduct’.

Ernest v. Nicholls

The court in this case discusses the doctrine of constructive notice and doctrine of indoor management. The article also deals with how various countries have dealt with the decision made in this case.

DK Basu v. State Of West Bengal

Introduction “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”  Benjamin Franklin Have you ever wondered when a person is arrested what are the conditions in which he/she is kept or how

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