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Significance of Share Certificate

Introduction The act of the company’s Board of Directors appropriating a specified number of shares from the company’s previously un-appropriated capital to persons who have submitted applications for shares is referred to as “allotment.” Allotment must be made by proper

Doctrine of Fair Use under Indian Copyright Law

Introduction Copyright protects and rewards creativity by allowing the creator of an original literary or artistic work to do, authorise, or prohibit specific acts in respect to that work. Copyright is one of the branches or aspects of Intellectual Property

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Understanding Precedents

Life Insurance Corporation of India versus Escorts Ltd. & Ors, 1986 AIR 1370

“When a requisition is made by a shareholder calling for a general meeting of the company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 validly to remove a director and appoint another, an injunction cannot be granted by the Court to restrain the holding of a general meeting.
The holders of the majority of the stock of a Corporation have the power to appoint, by election, directors of their choice along with the power to regulate them by a resolution for their removal. This is the essence of corporate democracy.

Lalit Kumar Jain v/s Union of India: Transfer Case (Civil) No. 245/2020

Introduction: In a recent decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Lalit Kumar Jain v. Union of India, the provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) concerning the liability of the personal guarantors to the corporate debtors were upheld.

Pramatha Nath Sanyal v. Kali Kumar Dutt, A.I.R. 1925 Cal. 714

A prospectus is any document which traces a company’s monetary protections available to be purchased to intrigued financial backers. A prospectus can be given by or for the benefit of the public company. It can issue either concerning its development

Shantistar Builders v. Narayan Khimalal Totame

Bench Justice Ranganath Misra Justice P. Sawant Justice K. Ramaswamy Parties Petitioner- M/s Shantistar Builders  Respondent- Narayan Khimalal Totame & Ors Introduction “Every man has a right to life, and this means that he also has a right to make

Coca Cola Company v. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd & Others

Plaintiff – Coca Cola Company Defendants – Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd & Others. Decided by – Hon’ble Justice Manmohan Singh Decided on – 20th October, 2009 Introduction The case of Coca Cola Company v. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd & Others[1]

La Compagnie De Mayville V. Whitley, (1896) 1 Ch 788

This case talks about the question that whether it is necessary to give prior notice with all particulars attached to it for the meeting to be conducted to the directors of the Company or not?

Ramaswami Iyer v Brahmayya and Co

This article seeks to examine the facts of the case and analyze the judgment made from the facts with references to applicable laws. It also seeks to analyze the powers of the managing director, carefully drawing a distinction between a managing director and the managing committee of a company, whilst also examining the validity of a release deed and how it relates to the facts.

Tarlok Chand Khanna v Raj Kumar Kapoor

The concept of mistake and misrepresentation cannot be overemphasized in a contractual agreement. Hence, this article seeks to examine the place of Mistake, Misrepresentation in transfer of shares (if any), as well as the principles governing shares transfer and allotment. It also seeks to examine the position of the Law in removing a director.

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